Effect of Traffic Sources Of Income Blog

Effect of Traffic Sources Of Income Blog


 Make money online from the internet, especially money from a blog, it will not escape the problem of the amount of traffic or visitors to our blog.

The higher the traffic, the higher the probability of obtaining a satisfactory result. However, not all directly affect traffic for the blog income, depending on where they came from.
And if we classify our blog traffic source, then in general we can classify them into three types of traffic sources, namely:
- Loyal readers who subscribe to our blog, either via email or via RSS Feed
- Readers of the search engines (search engine)
- Readers of referral sites
It turns out that each of these traffic sources have different characteristics, and this affects how effective they are for our online income from the blog. Let us discuss them one by one.
Loyal readersThis is a very valuable asset for a blog, more and more people subscribe to our blog article, then the value, the better our blog. When people decide to subscribe to a blog article, it means that he is already seeing the benefits of the writings in the blog, also means that the reader has to trust the recommendations and suggestions and tips from the author. It makes no strong bond between the reader with the author's blog.
In fact, the source of this traffic, very effective for product sales programs, either in the form of virtual products (digital) as well as physical products. Traffic source is also quite effective for affiliate programs, once again because of the readers of this type have a high reliance on the blog author.
On the other hand, the type of loyal readers are not very effective for advertising programs (advertising). Readers of this, every day will be opened and read your latest blog post, so that is no longer pay attention to the ads that appear on it.
This is what makes this traffic source, it is rare to click on ads (except perhaps very clever placing ads is very interesting in your post).
In conclusion, the source of this traffic, very good for the affiliate program or any kind of product sales targets, but very bad for advertising program.

Readers of search enginesThe traffic sources are those that get to our blog after typing in a keyword in the search engines. Characteristics of the visitor who wants to know as much information about the keywords that are being searched, if you find the information sought, perhaps they will last for some time, but if not they will usually look for the link that is deemed more appropriate to the information they want, or immediately they will click the back button and go back to the search results.
Most of them may only last for 10 seconds on our blog. It is certainly very difficult to build an ongoing relationship between the visitors with the author. This is what causes the traffic from search engines is very contrary to traffic from loyal readers. To that end, this source is very suitable with contextual advertising programs like Google Adsense, which ads appear not only adjust to the blog topic, but also based on the keywords searched by them in the search engines. Instead, the source of this traffic does not correspond to the product sales program or affiliate program.
Readers of referralsCharacteristics readers of this referral depends on many things, like from any website, with the topic of what the referrals come from and in what way they get to our blog. This makes it difficult to draw conclusions related to the blog income. Generally, however, the reader of this source, it is difficult to increase revenues blog, good for affiliate programs and contextual advertising program.
Of course, there is always a bright side. They, can be said is that the reader for the first time to visit our blog, would open the opportunity to make them as loyal readers with the benefits that we present article on our blog.
That's three types of readers who come from a different direction, which have different characteristics, and of course different contribute to earnings blogs. In conclusion, from wherever the reader comes, they remain an asset that must be maintained by always providing articles and useful for everyone.
If you all have a different view, I would like to hear your opinion about this. Happy if you could share through the comments field. Success for us all.

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How to Increase Alexa Rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank? - When writing this article I actually threatened Alexa rank drop. Because in the last 5 days I sucked backlink apparently also by fellow vacuum backlinks. So this time I was busy tidying up first in backlinks. In addition I also all restructured in the blog category.

But it's okay if we discuss a little about alexa rank and how to improve it ....

What it Alexa.com?Alexa.com is a website which provides a ranking system to all websites / blogs around the world. The system works simply rely on the Alexa toolbar users around the world in rank. The lower the rank is given, the better the quantity and quality of traffic the blog.Use as a media vote Alexa toolbar is what develops rumors that install the Alexa toolbar on the browser can improve the rankings. Is this true? I recently tried to count the number of factors and the results of calculation, I'll try to describe below.

How Alexa Ranking Calculation?As already noted above, Alexa rank was determined by using the data obtained from the Alexa toolbar users worldwide. This toolbar that sends data to the site alexa.com for later became the determination of the ranking calculation. What data are used by alexa.com? Alexa.com say that they use the data "reach" and "page view"Reach is the percentage of the number of unique users who visited the alexa toolbar website. We give emphasis on the word "unique users", meaning that the Alexa toolbar users will only be seen as the same person even if doing multiple visits on the same day.Pageview is the number of unique URLs are seen from a website or a blog on the same day by a unique user. This means that if the URL is opened many times will still be counted as a page view for the day.Combined these two factors on the one hand making tips "Use the toolbar if you want to Alexa meteoric" can be useful, but to a certain extent these tips will not be useful anymore. Why? Since there may be a toolbar can be against vote of millions of toolbars out there.So if your blog is ranked 1,000,000 to the above, it could be this trick still be influential. But if it passes under one million, then it will be more difficult. Let's hope your blog visitors have started to multiply it also uses the Alexa toolbar in the browser. Otherwise your blog traffic can be blocked and worse could freefall if you suddenly can not get online.Blog myself losing traffic by up to 33%. Only alexa I still tend in the range of 400,000-500,000 for the visitors of this blog pretty much read the article .... For example, the case could go see the behavior of visitors to this blog on the images of histats.com screenshots below (which was given a red box is the number of pageviews) 

How to Increase Alexa Rank?I basically do not care about Alexa rank. I think more than the blog traffic figures released by alexa.com this. But for those of you who use blogs to make money, then the alexa rank indicator can be very important.The first solution, of course, to increase your blog traffic. Course of the many visitors who come, there must be a certain percentage of the Alexa toolbar users.

 Then, realize that the first person who should give a vote on your blog of course your own. So please install the Alexa toolbar on the browser and start opening your articles. After that start pushing your blog visitors use the Alexa toolbar to join this (Alexa sparky on firefox). Because the smaller alexa rank, the greater the boost it needs. "Your hands alone" can not push alexa penetrate 500,000 .... you need help visitors.So that's tips on how to improve alexa rank. This tip is already a lot on the internet, but hopefully the above explanation can make you a better understanding of the background or the basic theory of the tips. Thank you for visiting. 

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Make Money From Youtube? Why Not ?!

Make Money From Youtube? Why Not ?!


 There is always another way to get money from the internet. One is earning money from Youtube.

Who does not know Youtube? Everyone knew him as it is one of the largest video sharing sites and the most famous in the world.

Even so famous, many 'artists impromptu' who became famous from Youtube. Know itself was nobody that person, hehehe ...

But perhaps not everyone knows (or has not tried?), That from Youtube you can make money. Well, all right, you can make money by becoming a partner or partners for Youtube, which will advertise your videos by YouTube and you get the results of the ad. Easy is not it?

I myself become a Youtube partner after getting out of his own YouTube videos that offer me to be monetized, and since then I regularly enjoy the sweetness of money from Youtube.

How big is the result? There are no exact figures can be used as a benchmark, but according to my own observations, ranging between $ 5-15 $ per 1000 impressions.

After officially accepted as a partner, then on the dashboard will be written 'YOUTUBE PARTNER' under your name, see picture below.

Well, for those of you who want to immediately feel the results of Youtube does not have to wait as my first offered, but you can instantly volunteered to monetize the videos that you have uploaded to Youtube.
But, before that, there are some things that need to be concerned with getting money from Youtube:
  • You must have an account with Adsense
Although separate Youtube partner program with Adsense program, but their income together with Adsense account, that's why you must have an approved AdSense account to receive payments.
What if do not have an Adsense account? You can apply for Adsense account creation directly from YouTube after uploading some videos. Follow the official guide from Google Adsense how to sign up for YouTube.
  • Upload a video routinely
No different from a blog, on Youtube ever you need to update the video. Youtube itself wants a long-term cooperation with its partners, and Youtube greatly appreciate those who regularly upload new videos.
Anyway if you are not diligent add a new video, it means limiting your own income.
Upload a video routine continues until you have at least 100 quality video, then maybe you should be a little 'break' to simply add a new video 1-2 weeks.
  • Develop and hold your audience
One way is to multiply the video you have. In addition to the amount of video that much, the video quality is also very decisive. Upload videos are entertaining, funny, useful. Can be a tutorial application, recording your own songs, or even record your cat at home who act adorable.
Promote your videos through social media and so forth. Pull people to subscribe to your videos. More and more are watching your video, the more money that can be obtained.
  • Waking brand for your video channel
This is actually not a mandatory thing, but if you seriously want to achieve maximum revenue from Youtube, then this is very important. Your seriousness in managing video, will be greatly appreciated by Youtube.

The steps that can be done include:
  •     Make a site / blog to display your video. Give your customers the opportunity for more ways to interact.
  •     Make the logo that is unique, exciting and plug in each of your videos. Can also create a watermark on your video. In addition to more pro, also avoid piracy, hehehe ...
  •     If possible, make a good intro for every video you upload.
  •     Adjust and customize your YouTube channel to make it look more professional.

Make sure your video does not contain material that is copyrighted
If not, then you will soon be released as a YouTube partner, because Youtube (Google generally), so pay attention to this one thing.
These materials, including images, audio, logos, video clips and so on. Including background music, if you do not have permission from the author, then you should not use it.
Well, that's a few things that can help you maximize revenue from Youtube. I myself, to be honest my Adsense revenue total of nearly 30% of it is derived from Youtube. And this is one of my videos most watched on YouTube. Hope it is useful.

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Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

What is a niche? Why should choose the right niche for your blog? Perhaps this is in the head of my friends when reading the title above. The plain language of the niche is "a particular market". So when creating a blog, .... Which markets to target?


I got a little story for my friends here. When I learned how to make my blog made this blog with the purpose of being a dummy blog to test various SEO tricks that are out there. I do this because there are so many theories out there and not all of them work well ....
Unintentionally, it turns out this blog continues to grow .... and make a lot of people want to imitate existing concepts in an easy trick this seo. Unfortunately they do not know that it is easy seo tricks are in a niche that can be said to be "not fun" ....
Why not fun? You should know that this is true seeker niche medium alone. Want good as what our position in Google remains the market is not a big market. If you want to create a blog that is crowded, so make a bustling market .... whether it be technology gadgets, or games, or ............ sex.
In segmentation SEO tutorial is a lot of support articles that should be made to complete his teaching, but the article itself seeker can be said very little ..... And the worst part was all the competitors are SEO enthusiasts ....
Complete. It's like watching a movie in which Bourne assassins high grade drill each other ....
So before you start something you want is not necessarily good friends read how to choose a niche that might be friends run with more "fun".

Find out the number of searches of Niche blog you will choose
 So consider friends had made a list nichenya. Now make a list of keywords in every niche, and test it on a Google keyword Keyword Planner ....
One who needs friends noticed that the Google Keyword planner is different from the keyword tool, because it does not provide Planner Keyword search option broad (wide), and phrases (phrases). So there is only Exact search (Right).
What is the proper search? That means that the keywords entered must be exactly the same with the visitor typed. So for this course becomes easy for you .... do research using only the short tail keywords. If you are looking for the long tail then mostly the result is nil ....
What is a short tail keywords? That means keyword consists only of `1-3 words. For example SELL CHEAP LAPTOP. So go "meditation" in your room to collect as much as possible short for niche keywords that you shoot.
Calculate the potential visitors of the niche you chooseMake several short of niche keywords and combine the total monthly searches. Use the number of monthly searches locally if your target is only in the territory of Indonesia alone. What is the total amount you earn?
Multiply that number by 50% and then to 30 to get your daily traffic potential in the niche when you become the best in the niche. If you do not like the numbers that you see, then maybe it's time you look for another niche .... and say to yourself lucky not already a waste of energy makes the blog (^_^)
Btw, anyone asks why should multiplied by 50%? Quite simply, because not everyone is clicking rank 1 in Google. According to research from several observers SEO in america there, rank 1 only gets about 50% of the total search clicks.

Observe Competition From Niche You ChooseNot all niches was legit though search much. Indeed most of the niche that search much like chewing a brick and make bleeding gums. So after you collect the keyword time to go into battle and get to know who your opponent .....
If someone said I know your competition is by looking at the number of pages of search results, then it is a big lie. The only way to know the keyword competition is to recognize who your opponent in the first page .... The one on the second page and so it is not important at all.
Open Google; both for .co.id or .com and enter one by one keyword viewfinder and see who your opponent. Enter the URL to ahrefs.com his homepage and see how many backlinknya is more than 5000, if the average backlinknya DoFollow, whether the reference domain variations over 200. If yes, then be prepared to work hard.
Why work hard? Because ahrefs.com was far from accurate. So usually realnya is 10-20 times the value of which is shown by ahrefs .... Well, now what if the result is much more than that ..... forget to work hard, because you will fight tooth and nail for a few months to front.
Is your blog niche commercial choose?Once you know that search a lot, and also you know can beat them in the first page. So the next question, if you can produce anything from a blog? For example; how profitable value if after a popular blog that you put adsense. Or how much potential if you sell a product in accordance with niche affiliate you ....
To issue this one are endless when discussed in this blog, so I recommend friends around to forums perpetrators internet marketing or online business to "gain experience" .....
Once you fix with everything above, please start creating your own blog on blogspot or you can also try to make your own website using WordPress CMS .... Good Luck!

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2 How to Download Videos On YouTube Without Software

2 How to Download Videos On YouTube Without Software

There are 2 How To Download Videos On YouTube Without Software that you can try. First by adding a unique code "ss" before youtube.com/ code .. in the browser URL. Both by visiting the special website that will allow you to download YouTube videos.
    YouTube is a video sharing website for free. This site allows you to upload, share and watch. YouTube is a video sharing website in the world's most popular.
Actually both methods is the same, namely the use of a special website to download the video at YouTube. Here are two ways that I mean.
1. How to Easily Download Videos On YouTube Without Software
In order for the process of downloading videos on YouTube easier faster, I recommend you use the tips on this one because it is simpler. The way you just add a unique code "ss" before the code youtube.com / ..., then stay enter and download the appropriate video format of the video you want you want.
2. How to Download Videos On YouTube Without Software
Almost the same as the first tips only way this one you have to visit the website http://en.savefrom.net/, then copy / paste the URL of the video you want to download on the website. The next step, stay to download the appropriate format you want.
That's 2 How to Download Videos On YouTube Without Software that you can try, please choose according to your liking.

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Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted Full Approve

Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted Full Approve

 This time I wanted to share tips for all of your Google AdSense tips list of non-hosted full approve. This article I created with the purpose to help friends - friends who have difficulty in registering non-hosted Google AdSense. Actually quite easy to sign up for Google AdSense, which you must comply with all regulations before your blog in the register.

Google AdSense account differences Non Hosted And HostedBefore applying to Google AdSense should you need to know in advance what the difference is hosted and non-hosted account.
  •     Non-Hosted Google AdSense account
    AdSense account is not associated with the host partner sites Google Adsense or any third party. Non-hosted account can be used to display ads on any website of the publisher.
  •     Hosted Google AdSense account
    AdSense account associated with a host of partner websites of Google's adsense or referred to as a third party. This account can only display ads on partner hosts like youtube and blogger.

Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted

1. Read Previously, Google AdSense Policy 
There are much better before enrolling first we have to read the Google AdSense program policies.
2. Use the Top Level Domain (TLD)

 The next step is to use the Top Level Domain (TLD)

3. Template 
Factors are also influential in the submission template Google AdSense list.
recommend to use the default template of blogger formerly bright, simple, neat and do not use a template that uses auto readmore. 

4. Prepare Completeness Blog 
Then you prepare completeness blog before to Google AdSense. Completeness which I mean as follows:
  •     Blog Widget
    Some widgets you can plug inter alia, blog archives, popular posts, recent post and google plus. But I just installed the widget popular post when registering your Google AdSense account.

  •     Supporting Pages
    Blog You must also have no pages like About, Contact, Privacy Police, Disclaimer and Sitemap.

  •     Menu Navigation
    Make her navigation menu contents page About, Contact, Privacy Police, Disclaimer and Sitemap.

5. Create Quality Content

Here it is the most important requirement when signing up for Google AdSense. That quality is unique, long and useful. Make the article at least 10-15 articles, and then check the quality of your articles on http://www.siteliner.com/ and see if you have quality content.

6. Submit your blog to Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

Once your blog is taking the next TLD register your blog and register to the Google Webmaster blog sitemap. Then also register your blog to Google Analytics.

Read: How to Register and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

7. Age Blog

Age blog is actually not very influential, but I suggest to wait for your blog age 1-2 weeks before registering. Personal experience I finished registering a new blog created directly in the register is rejected, but registering a blog that has been aged 1-2 weeks received. Time 1-2 weeks is used for Google search for blogs and waiting for your article indexed.

8. Visitors 

Factors not berngaruh visitors to Google AdSense registration process, a blog that I register absolutely no visitors.Once you are done with the requirements - requirements that I mentioned above, the next step just register your blog to Google AdSense.In addition, the following is a specification of the blog that I register: 
  • Platform blog: Blogger Custom Domain 
  • Theme: Health 
  • language: English 
  • Total Posts: 18 articles, all results rewrite 
  • Number of Pages: 6 Pages
  • Age Blog: 1 Week
  • Template: Congenital Blogger: Simple 
  • Widget: Popular Post and Box Search

Google AdSense registration process there are two phases :
  •      The First Stage
     Usually the first step in a 1 x 24 hours had no notice to proceed to the next stage after the filing of the registration process. Once you receive an email notification of the first phase is complete and proceed to the next stage, you are asked to put your ad code. So please take the ad code on your Google AdSense account and post it on the blog.
  •      phase Two
     At this second stage review of the process carried out approximately 1 week. So for one week in the second stage of this review article in order to make your blog look always updated.

That's the Google AdSense tips on how to register a non-hosted full approve. Please try and good luck.

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How to List and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

How to List and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

When you first create a blog of course your blog must also be registered with Google Webmaster, functions to monitor your own blog. Google Webmaster can assist in optimizing your blog, get information about how Google crawls your blog, tell the problem - a problem on your blog, etc.

Google Webmaster Tools

for that reason the importance of registering and verifying your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Come on, just the way the list, and verification.

1. First go into your Google Webmaster Tools account.

2. Then add the URL of your blog, as shown below.
Add A Site

3. Then click the Add A Site.

4. Then click the icon serrations on the top right corner, and select the menu Verification Detaills.

5. You will be brought to the verification page.

6. Then click the Verify using a different method.

7. Next you'll be taken to verify the blog option. Well, for blogs select the HTML option tag.

8. Then copy the code in the image above the arrow number 2.

9. Next save the code on your blog, on your template saved under the code <head>. So that like the code below.
<meta content='Gsfq_4AnJRGBRuDzRTGdD0EpXoxxxxxxxxxxxxx' name='google-site-verification'/>
10. After that, save it.

11. The next step you just click Verify to verify your blog on Google Websmaster Tools.

12. Done :)

Okey, that's how to register your blog to google webmaster and means of verification.

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