Effect of Traffic Sources Of Income Blog

Effect of Traffic Sources Of Income Blog


 Make money online from the internet, especially money from a blog, it will not escape the problem of the amount of traffic or visitors to our blog.

The higher the traffic, the higher the probability of obtaining a satisfactory result. However, not all directly affect traffic for the blog income, depending on where they came from.
And if we classify our blog traffic source, then in general we can classify them into three types of traffic sources, namely:
- Loyal readers who subscribe to our blog, either via email or via RSS Feed
- Readers of the search engines (search engine)
- Readers of referral sites
It turns out that each of these traffic sources have different characteristics, and this affects how effective they are for our online income from the blog. Let us discuss them one by one.
Loyal readersThis is a very valuable asset for a blog, more and more people subscribe to our blog article, then the value, the better our blog. When people decide to subscribe to a blog article, it means that he is already seeing the benefits of the writings in the blog, also means that the reader has to trust the recommendations and suggestions and tips from the author. It makes no strong bond between the reader with the author's blog.
In fact, the source of this traffic, very effective for product sales programs, either in the form of virtual products (digital) as well as physical products. Traffic source is also quite effective for affiliate programs, once again because of the readers of this type have a high reliance on the blog author.
On the other hand, the type of loyal readers are not very effective for advertising programs (advertising). Readers of this, every day will be opened and read your latest blog post, so that is no longer pay attention to the ads that appear on it.
This is what makes this traffic source, it is rare to click on ads (except perhaps very clever placing ads is very interesting in your post).
In conclusion, the source of this traffic, very good for the affiliate program or any kind of product sales targets, but very bad for advertising program.

Readers of search enginesThe traffic sources are those that get to our blog after typing in a keyword in the search engines. Characteristics of the visitor who wants to know as much information about the keywords that are being searched, if you find the information sought, perhaps they will last for some time, but if not they will usually look for the link that is deemed more appropriate to the information they want, or immediately they will click the back button and go back to the search results.
Most of them may only last for 10 seconds on our blog. It is certainly very difficult to build an ongoing relationship between the visitors with the author. This is what causes the traffic from search engines is very contrary to traffic from loyal readers. To that end, this source is very suitable with contextual advertising programs like Google Adsense, which ads appear not only adjust to the blog topic, but also based on the keywords searched by them in the search engines. Instead, the source of this traffic does not correspond to the product sales program or affiliate program.
Readers of referralsCharacteristics readers of this referral depends on many things, like from any website, with the topic of what the referrals come from and in what way they get to our blog. This makes it difficult to draw conclusions related to the blog income. Generally, however, the reader of this source, it is difficult to increase revenues blog, good for affiliate programs and contextual advertising program.
Of course, there is always a bright side. They, can be said is that the reader for the first time to visit our blog, would open the opportunity to make them as loyal readers with the benefits that we present article on our blog.
That's three types of readers who come from a different direction, which have different characteristics, and of course different contribute to earnings blogs. In conclusion, from wherever the reader comes, they remain an asset that must be maintained by always providing articles and useful for everyone.
If you all have a different view, I would like to hear your opinion about this. Happy if you could share through the comments field. Success for us all.

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