Make Money From Youtube? Why Not ?!

Make Money From Youtube? Why Not ?!


 There is always another way to get money from the internet. One is earning money from Youtube.

Who does not know Youtube? Everyone knew him as it is one of the largest video sharing sites and the most famous in the world.

Even so famous, many 'artists impromptu' who became famous from Youtube. Know itself was nobody that person, hehehe ...

But perhaps not everyone knows (or has not tried?), That from Youtube you can make money. Well, all right, you can make money by becoming a partner or partners for Youtube, which will advertise your videos by YouTube and you get the results of the ad. Easy is not it?

I myself become a Youtube partner after getting out of his own YouTube videos that offer me to be monetized, and since then I regularly enjoy the sweetness of money from Youtube.

How big is the result? There are no exact figures can be used as a benchmark, but according to my own observations, ranging between $ 5-15 $ per 1000 impressions.

After officially accepted as a partner, then on the dashboard will be written 'YOUTUBE PARTNER' under your name, see picture below.

Well, for those of you who want to immediately feel the results of Youtube does not have to wait as my first offered, but you can instantly volunteered to monetize the videos that you have uploaded to Youtube.
But, before that, there are some things that need to be concerned with getting money from Youtube:
  • You must have an account with Adsense
Although separate Youtube partner program with Adsense program, but their income together with Adsense account, that's why you must have an approved AdSense account to receive payments.
What if do not have an Adsense account? You can apply for Adsense account creation directly from YouTube after uploading some videos. Follow the official guide from Google Adsense how to sign up for YouTube.
  • Upload a video routinely
No different from a blog, on Youtube ever you need to update the video. Youtube itself wants a long-term cooperation with its partners, and Youtube greatly appreciate those who regularly upload new videos.
Anyway if you are not diligent add a new video, it means limiting your own income.
Upload a video routine continues until you have at least 100 quality video, then maybe you should be a little 'break' to simply add a new video 1-2 weeks.
  • Develop and hold your audience
One way is to multiply the video you have. In addition to the amount of video that much, the video quality is also very decisive. Upload videos are entertaining, funny, useful. Can be a tutorial application, recording your own songs, or even record your cat at home who act adorable.
Promote your videos through social media and so forth. Pull people to subscribe to your videos. More and more are watching your video, the more money that can be obtained.
  • Waking brand for your video channel
This is actually not a mandatory thing, but if you seriously want to achieve maximum revenue from Youtube, then this is very important. Your seriousness in managing video, will be greatly appreciated by Youtube.

The steps that can be done include:
  •     Make a site / blog to display your video. Give your customers the opportunity for more ways to interact.
  •     Make the logo that is unique, exciting and plug in each of your videos. Can also create a watermark on your video. In addition to more pro, also avoid piracy, hehehe ...
  •     If possible, make a good intro for every video you upload.
  •     Adjust and customize your YouTube channel to make it look more professional.

Make sure your video does not contain material that is copyrighted
If not, then you will soon be released as a YouTube partner, because Youtube (Google generally), so pay attention to this one thing.
These materials, including images, audio, logos, video clips and so on. Including background music, if you do not have permission from the author, then you should not use it.
Well, that's a few things that can help you maximize revenue from Youtube. I myself, to be honest my Adsense revenue total of nearly 30% of it is derived from Youtube. And this is one of my videos most watched on YouTube. Hope it is useful.

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