How to Increase Alexa Rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank? - When writing this article I actually threatened Alexa rank drop. Because in the last 5 days I sucked backlink apparently also by fellow vacuum backlinks. So this time I was busy tidying up first in backlinks. In addition I also all restructured in the blog category.

But it's okay if we discuss a little about alexa rank and how to improve it ....

What it is a website which provides a ranking system to all websites / blogs around the world. The system works simply rely on the Alexa toolbar users around the world in rank. The lower the rank is given, the better the quantity and quality of traffic the blog.Use as a media vote Alexa toolbar is what develops rumors that install the Alexa toolbar on the browser can improve the rankings. Is this true? I recently tried to count the number of factors and the results of calculation, I'll try to describe below.

How Alexa Ranking Calculation?As already noted above, Alexa rank was determined by using the data obtained from the Alexa toolbar users worldwide. This toolbar that sends data to the site for later became the determination of the ranking calculation. What data are used by say that they use the data "reach" and "page view"Reach is the percentage of the number of unique users who visited the alexa toolbar website. We give emphasis on the word "unique users", meaning that the Alexa toolbar users will only be seen as the same person even if doing multiple visits on the same day.Pageview is the number of unique URLs are seen from a website or a blog on the same day by a unique user. This means that if the URL is opened many times will still be counted as a page view for the day.Combined these two factors on the one hand making tips "Use the toolbar if you want to Alexa meteoric" can be useful, but to a certain extent these tips will not be useful anymore. Why? Since there may be a toolbar can be against vote of millions of toolbars out there.So if your blog is ranked 1,000,000 to the above, it could be this trick still be influential. But if it passes under one million, then it will be more difficult. Let's hope your blog visitors have started to multiply it also uses the Alexa toolbar in the browser. Otherwise your blog traffic can be blocked and worse could freefall if you suddenly can not get online.Blog myself losing traffic by up to 33%. Only alexa I still tend in the range of 400,000-500,000 for the visitors of this blog pretty much read the article .... For example, the case could go see the behavior of visitors to this blog on the images of screenshots below (which was given a red box is the number of pageviews) 

How to Increase Alexa Rank?I basically do not care about Alexa rank. I think more than the blog traffic figures released by this. But for those of you who use blogs to make money, then the alexa rank indicator can be very important.The first solution, of course, to increase your blog traffic. Course of the many visitors who come, there must be a certain percentage of the Alexa toolbar users.

 Then, realize that the first person who should give a vote on your blog of course your own. So please install the Alexa toolbar on the browser and start opening your articles. After that start pushing your blog visitors use the Alexa toolbar to join this (Alexa sparky on firefox). Because the smaller alexa rank, the greater the boost it needs. "Your hands alone" can not push alexa penetrate 500,000 .... you need help visitors.So that's tips on how to improve alexa rank. This tip is already a lot on the internet, but hopefully the above explanation can make you a better understanding of the background or the basic theory of the tips. Thank you for visiting. 

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