Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted Full Approve

Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted Full Approve

 This time I wanted to share tips for all of your Google AdSense tips list of non-hosted full approve. This article I created with the purpose to help friends - friends who have difficulty in registering non-hosted Google AdSense. Actually quite easy to sign up for Google AdSense, which you must comply with all regulations before your blog in the register.

Google AdSense account differences Non Hosted And HostedBefore applying to Google AdSense should you need to know in advance what the difference is hosted and non-hosted account.
  •     Non-Hosted Google AdSense account
    AdSense account is not associated with the host partner sites Google Adsense or any third party. Non-hosted account can be used to display ads on any website of the publisher.
  •     Hosted Google AdSense account
    AdSense account associated with a host of partner websites of Google's adsense or referred to as a third party. This account can only display ads on partner hosts like youtube and blogger.

Google AdSense Tips List of Non Hosted

1. Read Previously, Google AdSense Policy 
There are much better before enrolling first we have to read the Google AdSense program policies.
2. Use the Top Level Domain (TLD)

 The next step is to use the Top Level Domain (TLD)

3. Template 
Factors are also influential in the submission template Google AdSense list.
recommend to use the default template of blogger formerly bright, simple, neat and do not use a template that uses auto readmore. 

4. Prepare Completeness Blog 
Then you prepare completeness blog before to Google AdSense. Completeness which I mean as follows:
  •     Blog Widget
    Some widgets you can plug inter alia, blog archives, popular posts, recent post and google plus. But I just installed the widget popular post when registering your Google AdSense account.

  •     Supporting Pages
    Blog You must also have no pages like About, Contact, Privacy Police, Disclaimer and Sitemap.

  •     Menu Navigation
    Make her navigation menu contents page About, Contact, Privacy Police, Disclaimer and Sitemap.

5. Create Quality Content

Here it is the most important requirement when signing up for Google AdSense. That quality is unique, long and useful. Make the article at least 10-15 articles, and then check the quality of your articles on and see if you have quality content.

6. Submit your blog to Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

Once your blog is taking the next TLD register your blog and register to the Google Webmaster blog sitemap. Then also register your blog to Google Analytics.

Read: How to Register and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

7. Age Blog

Age blog is actually not very influential, but I suggest to wait for your blog age 1-2 weeks before registering. Personal experience I finished registering a new blog created directly in the register is rejected, but registering a blog that has been aged 1-2 weeks received. Time 1-2 weeks is used for Google search for blogs and waiting for your article indexed.

8. Visitors 

Factors not berngaruh visitors to Google AdSense registration process, a blog that I register absolutely no visitors.Once you are done with the requirements - requirements that I mentioned above, the next step just register your blog to Google AdSense.In addition, the following is a specification of the blog that I register: 
  • Platform blog: Blogger Custom Domain 
  • Theme: Health 
  • language: English 
  • Total Posts: 18 articles, all results rewrite 
  • Number of Pages: 6 Pages
  • Age Blog: 1 Week
  • Template: Congenital Blogger: Simple 
  • Widget: Popular Post and Box Search

Google AdSense registration process there are two phases :
  •      The First Stage
     Usually the first step in a 1 x 24 hours had no notice to proceed to the next stage after the filing of the registration process. Once you receive an email notification of the first phase is complete and proceed to the next stage, you are asked to put your ad code. So please take the ad code on your Google AdSense account and post it on the blog.
  •      phase Two
     At this second stage review of the process carried out approximately 1 week. So for one week in the second stage of this review article in order to make your blog look always updated.

That's the Google AdSense tips on how to register a non-hosted full approve. Please try and good luck.

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