How to List and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

How to List and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

When you first create a blog of course your blog must also be registered with Google Webmaster, functions to monitor your own blog. Google Webmaster can assist in optimizing your blog, get information about how Google crawls your blog, tell the problem - a problem on your blog, etc.

Google Webmaster Tools

for that reason the importance of registering and verifying your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Come on, just the way the list, and verification.

1. First go into your Google Webmaster Tools account.

2. Then add the URL of your blog, as shown below.
Add A Site

3. Then click the Add A Site.

4. Then click the icon serrations on the top right corner, and select the menu Verification Detaills.

5. You will be brought to the verification page.

6. Then click the Verify using a different method.

7. Next you'll be taken to verify the blog option. Well, for blogs select the HTML option tag.

8. Then copy the code in the image above the arrow number 2.

9. Next save the code on your blog, on your template saved under the code <head>. So that like the code below.
<meta content='Gsfq_4AnJRGBRuDzRTGdD0EpXoxxxxxxxxxxxxx' name='google-site-verification'/>
10. After that, save it.

11. The next step you just click Verify to verify your blog on Google Websmaster Tools.

12. Done :)

Okey, that's how to register your blog to google webmaster and means of verification.

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